A new clinical informatics solution manages the legacy EHR data and enables easy access for the clinicians and healthcare information management staff to improve patient care and optimize business operations.  

FREMONT, CA: Flatirons Digital Innovations Inc. launches the Flatirons Digital Hub for Healthcare. The new informatics solution helps the healthcare centers move patient information from aging or redundant in Electronic Health Recorder (EHR) system to the consolidated repository. It also provides secure and efficient access to EHR data from a single location.  

Flatirons Digital Hub helps healthcare organizations to address the challenges and deliver experience designing data, archiving, and application decommissioning solutions for healthcare, financial services, and other clients. The clinical informatics solution helps the hospital to improve its patient care and support business operations with secure and efficient access to legacy EHR data. The clinicians and HM staff use the platform for granular search execution of achieved information by criteria like medication, provider, and encounter.  It provides a link in the EHR interface, which allows the user's immediate access to archive the production system. Flatirons Digital Hub readily serves to the patient data, compiling selected records, and providing insights into the efficacy of care and patient outcomes.

The new digital hub archives solution, with both on-premises and cloud-based options, efficiently scales to 100s of terabytes and supports a wide variety of data types from legacy EHR and non-clinical. Flatirons Digital Hub is customizable while allowing the healthcare organizations the flexibility to deploy a solution to meet their suitable needs. For clinicians and H.I.M staff, the platform improves the quality of care by quickly finding historical patient records for a comprehensive patient view and respond promptly to the requests of information and audits like Joint commissions, RAC, CERT, etc. The platform significantly avoids financial penalties for RAC audit failures and improves outcomes for litigation events.

Flatirons Digital Innovations Inc. aims to develop an educated and well-informed society by allowing transparent and accessible digital information. The facilities of timely and accurately informed communication between the organization and customers contribute to solving complex content and data-driven challenges in the business operations. The company provides enterprise content services through technology assessments, solution blueprints, and implementation, integration, and support for projects such as application decommissioning and data archiving, capturing documents, lifecycle revenue management, and more.  

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