B2B marketers have lately recognized that account-based marketing plays a vital role in any prominent go-to-market strategy. According to the Digital Marketing Institute survey, it is estimated that 92 percent of the companies acknowledge that ABM is prominent for B2B marketing success. To fuel success, the majority of the B2B companies use a combination of outbound, inbound, and account-based approach. A content-driven model doesn’t produce enough content to function the business, and ABM rose to prominence to address the shortcoming.

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The amount of content production is never sufficient to create effective outbound leads. The benchmark survey conducted by ITSMA stated that the 87 percent of the ROI measuring marketers say that ABM outperforms other marketing investments; furthermore, Bizible stated that 42 percent of businesses that use AMB are likely to report alignment with sales compared to their counterpart. ABM demands the marketer to identify their target accounts to build a plan surrounding the consumer to keep them engaged before and after they become customers. ABM helps in measuring overall market performance effectively compared to non-users of ABM. To implement an effective ABM strategy, content is crucial. Identifying a potential buyer and building a profile is important but the most crucial part is how well the content will be delivered to the buyer in their every stage of buyers’ journey—this will drive the sale forward. Personalization will reduce the acquisition cost and increase the revenue, and it must have a personal touch during the sales outreach.

Marketing only deals with generating leads, but the sales content focuses on helping the sales team in establishing a connection with a potential buyer. To build a non-digital relationship with target accounts, sales and marketing should work together. ABM creates a central point of clarity between the marketing and sales team. The method of implementing ABM is resource intensive, and it serves as a long term investment. ABM is evolving into becoming a B2B marketing standard, by delivering personalized content with relevance will ensure its success.

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