Every successful business leader recognizes the importance of efficiently organized logistics. They understand that seamless logistics is a key element in meeting customer requirements and outperforming competitors. The right logistics management can help to reduce costs and time spent in moving products from point to point. Supply chains are complex and sensitive, depending on continually changing customer requirements. A supply chain cannot guarantee a high value if it is not efficiently organized. Logistics is, therefore, one of the most important factors in the quality of every supply chain.

GlobalTranz is a technology-driven freight brokerage company that specializes in full truckload, fast and managed transport solutions and LTL. It is also the market leader in innovative logistics technology that optimizes freight traffic efficiency and corresponds to shipping demand and carrier capacity in near real time. Taking advantage of its extensive network of freight agents, GlobalTranz has become a rapidly growing market leader with a customer base of more than 25,000 carriers. GlobalTranz was recently recognized as the tenth largest brokerage company in the 2018 top freight brokerage companies of transport topics.

Also, GlobalTranz has acquired Our Freight Guy, a freight brokerage and logistics company based in Riverside, California. The acquisition further strengthens the position of GlobalTranz as a top freight brokerage company and confirms the continuing strength of the freight agent business model.

Renee Krug, chief executive officer at GlobalTranz, said, “Andrew and the team at Our Freight Guy have a deep knowledge of the industry, a strong customer service focus and the ability to leverage technology which will continue to help accelerate our company’s growth and expansion. We’re excited to have this team on board.” 

FreightGuys is located in the U.S and the heart of Europe and specializes in less-than-truckload and truckload shipping within North America, for customers all over the world. It has been a GlobalTranz agent since 2013. The company brings expertise in freight management and best practices which can be used throughout the GlobalTranz network. The ability of the company to build strategic relationships and provide exceptional customer service makes GlobalTranz a valuable addition.