Cell therapy is not a new aspect in the field of medical science, but over the last five years, this sector has experienced massive growth in the U.S. because of some innovative steps and FDA's approval of new products. This sector has become able to allure investors. Previously, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) invested $1.5 billion on stem cell research. Cell therapy is gradually making its own place in the healthcare sector, and the companies and investors are doing their best to address this growing necessity adequately.

G-CON Manufacturing and GE Healthcare have announced a collaboration to bring innovation in cell therapy and viral vector manufacturing. G-CON Manufacturing provides autonomous cleanroom PODs. G-CON’s autonomous PODs have been designed with heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system. POD is important for applications having monoclonal antibodies, cell-based vaccines, recombinant proteins, gene therapy, and transmissible disease containment. POD system is mobile and comes with air bearings. So, this system can be transported and installed to another place easily.

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GE Healthcare plays a vital role in bioprocessing, cell therapy, cellular analysis, genomics, and forensics. GE Healthcare’s experience of a biotherapeutic manufacturer provides it a leap in the field of cell therapy. It is working with the 'living drugs' in an innovative way and is trying to address the growing market properly. GE Healthcare had previously invested $20 million in cell therapy research. It wants to drag its business of cell therapy through different collaborations. GE Ventures had made a partnership with Mayo Clinic to form Vitruvian Networks.

The partnership between G-CON Manufacturing and GE Healthcare will enable them to use the cleanroom technology to produce lentivirus (LV) and adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors. GE Healthcare’s FlexFactory has immense importance in cell therapy. It is a semi-automated platform which is used to digitize and accelerate the process of manufacturing. FlexFactory will work better with the help of a POD system. This partnership is important for drug developers. They can easily use this solution from G-CON and GE Healthcare to use in cell therapy and vector development.