Infosys, Indian IT outsourcer is gearing up for a major recruitment drive in the U.S. The company announced that it will hire more than 1,500 new workers in the areas of consultancy, sales and delivery.

With the new effort in the US, Infosys is trying to enlarge its user base in the highly competitive market by contributing local market intuition and timely responsiveness to clients with critical issues. According to the company’s website, it has 15 office locations throughout the US. 

Infosys has been suffering through a fatiguing employee churn rate, especially within its headquarters in India. Vishal Sikka attempted to preclude the employee loss when he took the helm as CEO, handing out 5,000 promotions in an effort to raise morale in the company, and has since executed a number of other stratagems to keep the employees beatific.

"We are particularly looking forward to bringing a large group of graduates into Infosys in the US," Sandeep Dadlani, EVP of Infosys Americas, said in a statement. The company is planning to entice recent college grads with the upcoming recruitment wave.

Infosys is looking forward to hire up to 300 management and tech graduates to work across domains such as big data, analytics and cloud, and up to 180 into its US consulting practice."This is a terrific time for young, smart and talented leaders to be graduating from the best American schools and choosing a career in the technology industry." he adds.