New technological advancements made significant changes in digital marketing in 2018. Technology does not aim to take over human jobs; instead, it makes the system we use smarter, to give a more efficient output. Adopting the latest trends will positively drive the business and provide an edge over competitors.

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Virtual personal assistants are the best example for AI; they listen to the stimulus and answer questions like humans. AI can be adopted in social media in the form of chatbots. Chatbots allow the users to interact with them and gain information on the ads and can process the data to a company’s sales team. Each lead generated via chatbots ads are well qualified and serve as a good Return on Investment (ROI) campaign. The ads must not pose like an ad because internet users are disinterested in ads. The advertisement should fit in with the flow of the content to avoid annoyance to the readers; adoption of native advertising is expected to rise in 2019 seemingly. Social media has gone through various changes since its advent; the platform has reinvented itself several times and has witnessed significant growth.  Creative approach of social media is expected to rise along with the technologies.

Machine learning and AI has increased the efficiency of data analytics which helps the marketer to give a more personalized experience to the buyers. Potential customers must be first identified using AI to create a segmented audience for the ads. People tend to be more responsive to visual ads rather than write-ups; live video ads create an engagement with the audience to improve the reach about the products and services. Augmented reality will give the audience a surreal experience; the immersive looks will create a sureshot connection with the audience. Businesses are already looking out to implement this, and IKEA already took a step in this segment. Marketers, instead of focusing on all the trends, must concentrate only on one trend and make use of it in various ways. If the technology doesn’t fit in the business module, it can be effectively removed instead of wasting funds. Thorough research must be done before incorporating any new technology.

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