Digital marketing means the use of digital channels, devices, and platforms to create or promote a marketing message. Facebook is a massive advertising platform. According to a Statista survey, the global number of Facebook users is expected to reach 1.69 billion by 2020, making it the primary platform for marketers to obtain information and interact daily with people. Facebook is improving with recent cool updates, such as profile music and Facebook stories. It will, therefore, give more tools to foster business.

According to Business Insider Singapore, YouTube has about 1.8 billion active users visiting the video website every month. YouTube now has more users than Gmail that makes it the most popular online service for Google. It’s not long before YouTube will outperform Facebook with just over two billion users. These platforms can, therefore, be used by companies for advertising and video campaigns for their brand.

Key Digital Marketing Companies: Performance Horizon

Authentic content marketing is the most effective way to market for younger audiences and prospective customers who are not immediately interested in products or services from companies. Instead of breaking with humorous quips the flow of informative content, companies should ensure consistency throughout content campaigns. There are many ways to enhance brand loyalty and connect emotionally with consumers without sacrificing key brand values. A brand that operates online but has a completely different person online can result in audiences approaching the complaint boards.

Most brands are inevitably confronted with at least one communication crisis. They are unavoidable and unpredictable, and the worst mistake can happen real quick, and so, a proactive strategy needs to be taken that ensures that the message of the company remains consistent and communicates with all of the company's stakeholders. It should be a part of the content strategy to create a better content promotion to create longer, more in-depth information that gives tons of value to the audience.

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