Education and learning have also witnessed the impacts of technological. These impacts are not restricted to school or colleges but have also found grounds in corporate training. Unfortunately, adult training and education is not well promoted among organization and has always been a reason for conflicts between organization and workers. In-job training framework also got deteriorated in the competitive chase. The aging workforce is highly experienced but lacks the technical knowledge which makes them insecure regarding job security and hinders their promotion.

The solution to the problem is training older workers and getting them versed with new age technologies. Combination of experience and technology is certainly going to benefit the organizations overall productivity. Also, in coming years the percentage of aged workmen is going to increase in the industry which makes it more significant to train the older employees. For this organization can hire a training manager who would leverage promotions of a more productive and knowledgeable workforce. Alternatively, technical eLearning programs can also be introduced within an organization which is much cost effective.

Striding in the direction of adult training few organizations have got their old employees enrolled in colleges to get acknowledged with technologies that did not exist when they first arrived. In response employees without going undermined marveled in understanding software and algorithms and their working, and inspired the rest.

Another frontier that has its significance in the broader educational consumption is perception. Often, students, subjects and teaching methods are divided on the basis of age that is simply unnecessary and training institutes need to understand that gamification, momentum learning work for everyone and technology does not see the age of the learner.  Organizations are taking measures to tackle their aging workforce and fill the gap between them and technology which still needs much more efforts which would make it easy for older workers to adapt in the technical environment and boost the productivity. Training sessions and institutes are good options still company’s can come up with better methods and implementation strategies of adult education and training.