Marketing was very challenging before the world wide web came into existence. People were dependent on TV, radio to hear about a company. Digital marketing has taken over, and advertising has made way for the marketing of products. It is the job of a business owner to create attractive digital marketing for increasing their market. It is expensive for small businesses to build an online reputation and promote brands. That is where they take a back step in investing. Companies have to be aware of some marketing tools which help them to increase their market.

WordPress: If a business needs a content management system (CMS) for the digital marketing, Wordpress would be the right tool. Small businesses can create a website from available content with an intuitive drag and drop system. WordPress makes it easy to build a website, add information about the company and vision, and to increase the market with high-quality content. The advantage of WordPress is that any number of plug-ins can be added for the page which has a wide range of features, monitoring analytics, customization of theme, and adding contacts.

Canva: This can help the businesses to build advertisements which attract customers. Canva is used to develop images for social media pages and websites. It is also used to analyze and import adequate data and to build custom charts.

Google Search Console: The website ranks on Google is essential for every business success. Google Search console tool is an application that helps the website owners achieve a rank. It helps to measure the site’s performance, fix issues, and improve the rank of a business.

Ubersuggest: The marketing plan of businesses should ensure that they use keywords which reach people’s specific needs. Ubersuggest will give a bunch of words based on the keyword or phrase entered, that can be used in the business blogs. Help a Report is an application which allows bloggers to link with sources having information related to audience interest and worthy content. MailChimp is an application used to reach people through emails regarding feedback and product recommendations. Hootsuite is used to track social media pages which help businesses to schedule upcoming posts which marketing content.

There is a wide range of tools in the market to help the businesses develop a digital marketing strategy, but they should have some niche to communicate well and reach the maximum customers to be successful.