Currently, every business is opting for digital marketing services rather than choosing traditional marketing to build the brand value and reach out to potential customers. This has made search engines such as Google and Yahoo to opt for “deep machine learning,” which makes search engines to understand a human’s scenario and provide with relevant facts and also growing the scope of artificial intelligence. AI is quickly reaching the heights of cloud computing and big data. Implications of artificial intelligence on digital marketing are pervasive. All the huge vendors are adding artificial intelligence to their businesses. There are plenty of start-up companies that are emerging with solutions using AI.

Digital marketing has undergone many drastic and remarkable changes. Many innovations have been made, particularly in the aspect of how the technologies can be used in businesses and to grow the revenue rate rationally. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, marketers have adapted to technology and its practices at lightning speeds. This is even changing the trend of advertising the businesses and generating the leads. Simultaneously, a few business organizations are experiencing difficulties in adapting to the new technologies in the field of digital marketing.

AI can assist the small-scale business organizations in creating the website content. There are a few news providers such as Washington Post and Associate Press that are using the digital robots for generating the content on their websites. However, these robots are not as creative as humans. These tools work with the previously gathered data on the internet and create the content with what they have been taught. E-mail marketing plays a crucial role in the field of digital marketing to reach the customers at their fingertips, and email is becoming obsolete.

According to IDC research, 50 percent of the companies will be utilizing the cognitive computing marketing applications by 2020. The third-party clients are emerging to help the emerging AI products and services. Marketers need to leverage the knowledge resources for taking the full advantages of artificial intelligence. AI provides better customer experience, predictive analytics, and targeted marketing which can surely give higher ROI to businesses.