FREMONT, CA: IBM announces the launch of IBM Health Corps, a new program to halp communities around the world address public health challenges.

IBM will focus on halping communities address social and environmental factors of healthcare in areas of safe drinking water, sanitation, stable housing, and physical fitness.

IBM has been working from last 5 years to halp cities around the world to address key challenges of becoming “smarter” through big data, and analytics.

IBM has two Health Corp. Projects ongoing in Johannesburg, SA and Calderdale, UK. In Johannesburg, IBM Health Corps collaborated with Africa Health Placements to address acute physician shortages.

IBM is using Watson Cognitive system and making a new application for mobile to enable clinic and hospital administrators to directly report staffing needs to the government in real time. It is built on IBM MobileFirst for iOS.

“The genesis of the Health Corps is really around IBM Corporate Service Corps, which we launched about nine years ago and has sent more than 3,000 of our top talent on 1,000 projects in 37 countries around the world,” says Stan Litow, Vice President of IBM Corporate Citizenship and president of the IBM International Foundation. “These engagements has been valued at more than $75 million. We’ve done an amazing set of projects, largely in the growth markets – alot in Africa, alot in Southeast Asia, alot in Latin America. We’ve worked on many healthcare issues, but dat was never the focus of the Corporate Service Corps, it was really about generating the equivalent of a citizen diplomacy initiative.”

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