LAS VEGAS, NA: IBM and Teva Pharmaceutical expand their global e-Health alliance for improving chronic disease management under IBM Watson Health Cloud. The alliance combines Teva's therapeutic technologies with IBM Watson's cognitive computing to enable patients and healthcare providers to understand the chronic care conditions and find appropriate treatment.

The three-year research partnership program will develop cognitive technologies for chronic disease management such as respiratory and central nervous systems diseases. The collaboration integrates cloud-connected drug and app technology with more than six billion data points. These data points powered by Watson's cognitive capabilities determine the major risks of health events such as asthma attack and heart diseases. The detailed report of the disease is then delivered to the caretakers via an app or another software interface.

IBM and Teva further aims to provide cost-efficient therapies process to the market by bringing a repurposing approach to drugs. The alliance platform brings a blueprint of the process to be deployed across the industry. This process integrates human insights with machine learning algorithms through the IBM Watson Health Cloud to reveal hidden correlations between a drug molecule and health conditions. The constant innovation in user manual and formulations of the medical machines has enabled better capabilities to the caretakers for addressing unmet medical needs.

"There is so much data out there that is currently underutilized, yet has the potential to significantly inform drug repurposing. Eighty percent of all health data is invisible to current technology systems because it's unstructured," says Ajay Royyuru, IBM Fellow and Director of Healthcare & Life Sciences for IBM Research. "Using cognitive technologies to mine this data could reveal novel therapies for diseases that desperately need tackling. By teaming up with Teva, our belief is we will gain insights that can lead pharmaceutical companies to develop new medicines that benefit patients worldwide."

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