Enterprises that operate in the digital space rely on IT support for the smooth functioning of their computers, networks, applications and data stores. It also assists companies in creating a productive workforce. The expansion of the digital world has resulted in making IT service management (ITSM) a major cost center. Many companies have started leveraging Artificial Intelligence and automated help desks to make IT support operations cost-effectively. Here are a few ways in which these intelligent tools can help to create an efficient and cost-effective ITSM:

IT self-service and self-support: Almost half of the IT support tickets are associated with requests for resetting passwords and administrating user management.  Typically an IT organization responds to a support ticket in 24.2 hours, and the cost associated with a standard password reset can reach up to $70.This can result in significant costs for large organizations with thousands of employees. Intelligent tools can come to the rescue of organizations as these tools can automate trivial and repeated tasks. Many companies are deploying chatbots to assist with basic IT support requirements. These bots can provide adequate support for many issues such as password reset, provisioning IT resources, etc.

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Automatically detect and handle IT support issues: AI-driven ITSM systems desks can create an appropriate support ticket based on the monitoring of email addresses, phone numbers, and messaging channels. Some advanced ITSM systems are also able to resolve issues with the analysis of the observed patterns. AI tools also offer predictive maintenance which facilitates detection of issues before their emergence.  These tools also help in demand planning as these tools can predict the appropriate resources to resolve problems and eliminate existing support issues.

Facilitating human support: AI tools use powerful algorithms to learn about the processes and resources involved in previous support issues. This learning can help AI-driven ITSM systems in recommending the course of action to IT support workers. Automated helpdesk can be used to document the insights and findings to create a knowledge database, which can help to speed up problem resolution.