Summary: Mobile-based threats are gradually on the rise and retailers need to take preventive measures for safeguarding their businesses.

FREMONT, CA: Retailers are moving towards enabling themselves and their front-line staff with mobile devices. It is to ensure the enactment of necessary precautions, the absence of which will leave them increasingly exposed to vulnerabilities from security compromises. Retailers, hospitality companies, and wholesalers reported a considerable spike in mobile settlements in 2018, as compared to the previous year. Often, the weakness is not about the device, but about the critical errors caused by users that expose businesses to mobile-based threats.

While theft or loss is reasonably self-explanatory, unsecured Wi-Fi can grab hold of employees unaware and carry out a lot of damage. Often these digital attacks take the form of bad actors creating phony Wi-Fi connections at trendy bistros, coffee shops, and meeting locations, hopeful of trapping unwary users who will get on to the first name that seems right.

Retailers need to convey to their employees that if they are on a mobile device provided by the company, they must be on their own protected network. If that network is not accessible, they should utilize their device’s 4G internet connection that can be coated with security software.

Cyber Threats and How to Combat Them:

The traffic of mobile devices in and out of stores helps increase productivity and sales. At the same time, security breaches also increase manifold and create a greater menace to business operations. The mobile devices usually do not possess many sensitive data, but they have been increasingly utilized to avail core business schemes that do deal with this information.

The cost of these breaches is chiefly time and money―two things that a retailer cannot pay to lose. And downtime is costly for any business. Every minute the company is not operating, it is losing customers. Or worse, if there has actually been a data breach, the organization not only loses money but also its reputation. Retailers are keeping mobile devices exposed to a degree, which makes them seriously vulnerable. As a result, retailers need to engage in solutions that can help them identify and resolve mobile security problems.