The information technology tools and services have widely changed the thinking and practices in the workplace. These changes impact talent management and emerging methods and tools that insist human resource professional to be more talented. The role of HR professional in the digital technology-driven environment is-

* taking introspective decisions regarding products that are suitable to industry and organizations.

* ensuring enhancement of employee experience and individual performance without affecting productivity.

With technological innovations, HR management took a deviation from the present method which harnessed certain challenges in the workplace. They are,

1. Evolution of technology has grown from complete automation to a way of life. This made it difficult for HR professionals to measure the performance with the same old parameters.

2. It is important  HR function to provide strategies, road maps, and planning to improve efficiency in accordance with new generation of technology.

3. Every employee is at a different life cycle at work, it raises a challenge to alter the mindset of employees, how they have learned to use technology.

Apart from these challenges the application of technology in an employee lifecycle also is very important.

*Recruitment is the first interaction of an employee with the organization. Technology can be employed to avail better candidate experience. For example, gamified job application process improves engagement.

*The onboarding process needs to be communicated to the new joinee all that the organization stands for. So it is important to provide months-long experience to them.

* Performance management, learning, and career mapping should be trouble free and should be prepared with the help of technology with an employee experience perspective.

Today employees demand work technology interaction. So the application of technology should transform a candidate into a value-adding employee. So HR professional is at a juncture where seamless integration of both humanness and technology is in need. Technology should be used to trigger organizational jerks. The HR should be able to lead technology by learning, adapting, and changing more.