At the center of every successful business is an agile, flexible, secure, responsive, and easy to manage IT infrastructure. According to a study by Cognizant, organizations should utilize HEROES, a framework designed to guide businesses in choosing the right approach to IT infrastructure development and maximize the strategic value of IT investments. At the core of the HEROES framework is artificial intelligence (AI), and according to the study, 61 percent of business leaders agree that AI would radically change the IT infrastructure model by 2023.The HEROES framework aids CIOs and other executives to maximize the value of their investments in IT. It consists of five pasts, and they are as follows:

1. Hybridization of the Cloud

The advantages of incorporating a combination of on-site, public, and private clouds are greater agility, scalability, and heterogeneity. These factors are vital for businesses that are constantly looking to integrate new technologies into their business model.

2. Competitive Edge Computing
Edge computing brings network resources closer to their source, enhancing information management and allowing businesses make data-driven decisions faster.

3. Robotic Augmentation of IT performance
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will become crucial in the near future, as it will free up IT resources and redirect those to strategic tasks. It will also enhance the end-to-end user experience.

4. Dropping Legacy IT Systems
Discarding legacy systems and processes that no longer serve a purpose can help businesses focus their time, energy, and resources in designing an asset-light business model. This shift in asset management from “we own” to “we control” has already benefitted many organizations.

5. Enterprise Security is Crucial
Data is currency and safeguarding it is equivalent to protecting the business. With cybercriminal threats increasing in number, business leaders need to make network security a core aspect of enterprise IT.