The speculation around Blockchain is expected to rise in the given time because technology offers what it claims. Rather than recording a data in a traditional database, blockchain technology uses a distributed ledger and consensus algorithms to store data in a decentralized format. It offers consumers with more control over the data and giving organizations new ways to use them.

Blockchain doesn't require a central authority for transactions. For many users, blockchain is already acting as a guarantor amid the consumers and brands which did not exist previously. The blockchain technology will surely be a boon to brands and retailers present in the market.

Apart from Cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology has revolutionized other industries and is also making its way in the in the world of marketing. Organizations are striving hard to learn and use this technology efficiently and also to leverage its use in the upcoming future.

Go through these five fundamental ways where blockchain is transforming the marketing automation space, where the startup companies are investing in this technology from today itself.

1.  Tokenized Marketing

Using Blockchain technology, marketers can target their particular group customers for advertising, and will only serve up for those ads which the customers have explicitly opted. Well, this is incredibly helpful, as it increases conversion rates and reduces ad wastage.

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Tokenized marketing is a useful tool as it helps marketers to build a rapport with their customers which is a win-win for both the parties. Though tokenized marketing is new, many startup organizations are working on this concept.

2.  Reduced Advertising Fraud

As the blockchain technology run digital advertisements, marketing automation teams will be able to see who viewed their company's ads and quickly cut off any fraudulent ad. Blockchain technology enables marketers to fight against the deceptive ads with ease and making your organization's advertising process more transparent.

3.  Improved SEO and Enhanced Tracking Capabilities

The quality of every organization's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is primarily based on the quality of its traffic; blockchain technology could help the enterprises ensure high-quality inbound traffic.

Marketing automation specialists will have the capacity to set up advertising campaigns on the blockchain to drive traffic back to their pages as they always d, however with the additional advantage of having the ability to ensure the genuineness of inbound SEO traffic. Organizations that have executed a tokenized promoting system will likewise have the ability to track consumer action over their whole website at an individual level and compensate prospects or clients for their activity appropriately – mainly if their online activity happens to be a purchasing signal.

4.  Optimized Cross-Platform Digital Advertising for Brands and Retailers

Enhancing one's digital advertising endeavors online is a crucial zone of the center for the blockchain marketing network at this moment. Various undertakings are as of now in progress to perceive how blockchain innovation can be utilized to improve an organization's digital marketing efforts, and early signs have been promising. The use of Smart Contracts offers transparency to this process and will undoubtedly become more common in other areas of marketing.

5.  Enhanced Customer Marketing and Improved loyalty

Blockchain offers improved customer loyalty through relevant marketing and is one of the significant factors of this technology. By executing a client promoting through a blockchain-based stage, organizations can distinguish the perfect touchpoints for connecting with every client at an individual level, and modify their outreach efforts across various channels. Such arrangements enable brands and retailers to track client commitment at a more profound level than ever before, and this upgraded tracking unlocks additional open doors for advertisers to connect with shoppers and gain their trust.

Although the blockchain technology is still in its infancy stage, it's not too early for the organizations to adopt and implement it in their marketing stack moving forward. Some of the uses mentioned above can be performed today, and rest can be given a thought in the future. By finding out new ways to leverage blockchain technology in their marketing efforts today, organizations can prepare themselves for the future gain and also an immediate advantage over the competition tomorrow.

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