Intensifying in every way possible, Healthcare has now explored a new search engine app for addiction treatment.  

FREMONT, CA: WeRecover has launched the WeRecover app for both iOS and Android users. WeRecover is a venture-backed technology business committed to expanding access to care for addiction treatment. Helping thousands of people gain treatment through the website ever since the new B2C treatment search engine and new B2B admissions portal (MAP) are accessible via the WeRecover mobile app.

WeRecover took a deep dive interpreting how people are currently locating and getting into substance use disorder treatment, and the analysis showed that many traditional workflows are yet to modernize. The organization is leveraging advanced technological innovation to streamline many of the inabilities in admissions workflows. This is done to elucidate the process for people and help them make more versed decisions about their care.

WeRecover app supports two user types that are the prospective patients and treatment providers. It builds a search query based on their clinical needs, insurance information, contact information, and budget. The results are polished by taking a clinical self-assessment to assess their acuity and treatment needs. Providers can establish match criteria based upon their ability to treat various types of clients. They can set potential specifications not to receive events when they are full. They can also securely send and receive referrals on a HIPAA-compliant cloud.

The goal of the WeRecover app is to mitigate the time spent by both providers and patients navigating the admissions process. The app focuses on distilling down to a mild experience that can be navigated in minutes.

WeRecover is a venture-backed technology business that has built the nation's most precise database of treatment programs. It has also built a matching algorithm that shows people their individualized treatment alternatives. It is a translucent search engine for addiction therapy resources. The company aims to bring an end to the misery caused by the modern generation's global addiction epidemic.