Google’s job search tool now comes with a salary filter, allowing job seekers to get an idea of salary offered by different employers

In the latest update to their job search engine, Google has implemented a salary filter that allows job seekers to arrive at a calculated guess of salary information from multiple job postings. Although the company is not very clear about how they can source data from various employers, it is said that the data is “drawn from sources across the web like Glassdoor, PaySacle, LinkedIn, Paysa and more.” The feature allows users to obtain a comparison between multiple job postings without actually exiting the search tool.

The search giant collects salary information, job description, and experience data from job seekers to provide them with a suitable job profile. Google claims that this feature is missing from over 85 percent of all job postings available in the U.S. The search tool also uses location data to match relevant jobs within a specified radius, giving the user the privilege of extending the search radius according to their convenience.

One may still have to apply for a particular job on the employer’s webpage; the search tool serves as a quick way of browsing through different job opportunities without having to use a third-party application. Adding to the existing functionality, Google has promised it users about adding a feature that allows job seekers to “save jobs” within the search tool while being accessible on any device.