Florida based BPO Golden Gate announced that it will be forming a merger with Nevada based BPO Netcast. This merger will aid Golden Gate in expanding its business in the Philippines, where the company has already established a multi channel state-of-the-art centre with a complement of 1400 employees. Golden Gate has always acknowledged the Philippines as a key location for relaying BPO and contact services to its clients and this move will provide the company with the opportunity to capitalize on the prospects offered by the location.  Golden Gate Managing Partner Stephen Ferber stated, “The Philippines has always been an extremely important location for us and, as a global provider, it is imperative we maintain our focus on growth in the region as long as we can continue to accomplish for our clients (1) delivery of a high level of quality through customization and adaptation of our client’s culture, (2) increased speed to market, implementation and launch fueled by an entrepreneurial management team and culture, (3) achievement of operating efficiencies through a balance of commitment to best practices along with a customization of those practices to maximize results and (4) competitively priced solutions that yield a lower cost of outsourcing to our clients.” This joint venture is bound to bring many prospects to both companies, especially considering the location chosen for the merger to function.