Data centre outsourcing (DCO) has provided the IT companies world-wide with an opportunity to focus on their core business concerns by taking over the data centre attributes such as servers, system, storage devices and networking equipment. According to Research and Markets (RM) website’s report on the subject, the global market for data centre outsourcing has the potential to grow at a CAGR of 4.51% in the next five years. The shift towards either of the two major aspects of cloud computing- IUS and IaaS, is the major factor influencing this market. Virtualization of data has posed this need for data centers to shift towards either IUS or IaaS with IUS being the more preferred service model due to its high efficiency and cost saving virtues.

The IT industry’s concerns with energy consumption by the data centers and the developing need for green data centre solutions is the driving force for this market. DCO companies can cater to all the needs of their client with respect to green data centers which need to monitored extensively at all times, thereby eliminating their client’s concerns with this otherwise daunting task. With all this being said the DCO companies are not without problems. This market has its own set of hurdles to cross, with of the major problems being the complexity of data center infrastructure. The data centers which usually have miles and miles of wiring and hundreds of cabinets that house advanced circuitry require teams of highly trained professionals to monitor them. Finding such professionals with experience in this comparatively new market is a task with its own complexity. To add to their woes of the DOC companies the infrastructure of the Data is centre is changing dynamically to cope with the evolving topologies and technologies. In conclusion the DCO providers who can best adapt to the needs of this ever growing market are bound to find huge success in the next five years.