British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has made a decision to expand its business in Costa Rica. This new move to expand the operations in the Central American nation will open up a portal of opportunity for around 150 employees to whom the US operations of the company will be outsourced. One of the major motives behind this business expansion is to improve the company’s finances and infrastructure in the region, also taking into account Costa Rica’s potential for providing highly productive outcomes through business ventures. "In effect, we have grown over 300% in the last two years of the date generate 300 jobs and hope to hire 150 additional employees in the next year and a half," said the Director of the Center for GSK Services Costa Rica, Esteban Conardo.

 According to Conardo plans are also underway for GSK to provide Information Technology and SAP services globally. GSK is on a path to gradually extend the amount of services provided by the company and taking those services to the global market, Conardo added. Costa Rica is slowly evolving into a technical hotspot for companies seeking to set up their production base there. While companies have the opportunity to reap benefits through Costa Rica’s resources, the Country itself will benefit hugely from the experience and financial expertise the companies bring to the table when they set up base. "The services sector continues to consolidate as a boost for the Costa Rican economy. Since the Government will continue to generate the necessary conditions for more prestigious international companies such as GSK here to find a strategic partner for their business, all for the benefit of hundreds of Costa Ricans who have new opportunities to grow professionally in companies with a high level," said Alexander Mora, Minister of Foreign Trade.