Gamification tailors exciting, educational, and fun learning experiences, offering additional benefits that conventional systems are unable to provide. 

FREMONT, CA: Gamification has gained attention in the online world as a way to engage employees and build loyalty. According to a recent Gallup survey, 71% of workers report feeling not engaged or actively disengaged in their work. This majority translates into nearly $350 billion in lost revenue. Here the objective is to take techniques of game design and implement them in non-game contexts so that the overall experience for the employees become more engaging.

Technology applications are playing an essential role in the delivery of team building programs with conventional methods being replaced by digital tools such as smartphones, tablets, and GPS systems throughout team building activities. Escape room style is growing in popularity and is transitioning into the team building landscape allowing participants to enter different worlds and take on fictitious roles while simultaneously developing useful skills.

Firms are appropriating gamification to achieve full immersion, motivation, inclusion, and enhanced learning retention. Gamification helps in learning when employees participate in activities that stimulate their bodies and minds, and the body releases endorphins. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that add towards a feeling of happiness and motivation, especially when a person achieve something or complete a task successfully.

This balance of fun and learning is what makes a team building process practical and useful, as the employees find themselves continually developing specific skill sets through an enjoyable and engaging medium, it shows a success. Ill-conceived team building programs lack engagement, where team members become passive rather than active participants.

Using gamification, HR executives can develop the modern, better, and well-conducted workforce. Intuitive gamification techniques help enhance employee behavior, improve efficiency, and yield higher ROI while reducing turnover and churn costs.

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