EDISON, NJ: Fuji Electric- a Power Electronics Technology solution provider, combining power semiconductors, circuits and control systems- announces the development of a rack-mount DC power system, F-DCPOWER, for data centres. The system allows data centres to enhance server utilization without reconfiguring their existing distribution systems. 

F-DCPOWER, incorporated with higher-performance and higher-capacity servers is an initiative taken to reduce the increasing data centre power consumption. It is a compact device to fit perfectly in server rack space, improving system reliability via redundancy on the power supply unit and the battery unit as well as enhancing the server rack’s capabilities without changing distribution systems. The system provides data centres with an advanced solution to conserve energy and optimize the performance of the data centre equipment by using its own Silicon Carbide power semiconductor, thereby reducing operational costs.

F-DCPOWER has a capacity of 5kW, weighs 35kg and is capable of handling input voltages ranging from 180-264AC. Using a lithium ion battery, the system takes alternating current (AC) into server racks and converts it into direct current (DC) that the servers need to operate. Fuji Electric has reduced the three power conversions required by conventional systems to just one, making it possible to reduce power loss. Also it has a “peak assist” function that can draw power from a battery during peak hours, making it easy to control complex distribution systems. 

“This product is designed to cope with blackouts or other unplanned outages that cause instantaneous voltage drops by allowing equipment to draw power from a battery during these events, thus preventing facility shutdowns,” says Phil Charatz, President and CEO, Fuji Electric Corp. of America. “Adopting a DC power source reduces the number of power conversions required to supply power to the servers, which in turn contributes to energy savings and a reduction in running costs.”

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