WordPress is the most favored content management system (CMS) on the market. Beginners and experts alike use WordPress to build attractive and powerful websites to represent their brand and stay ahead of the competition. It is a powerful platform and here are a few benefits of switching to WordPress. 

Easy to Use

The interface of WordPress is more straightforward as compared to other CMSs. The platform claims a five-minute installation process with in-depth documentation for beginners to set up their website without hassle. With a full support system to navigate through each step of the setup, it is easy for everyone to build a website. Beginners can also visit support forums for more technical questions. Outsourcing the WordPress site development is also possible because of the popularity of the platform.

No Cost

WordPress lets the user set up the website as a blog or as an eCommerce platform for free. People pay for the domain and the hosting so that they own the URL rather than the WordPress extension in the end.  WordPress is open source software that allows the users to edit or alter its coding as they wish. No hidden costs are making it the most practical CMS on the market.


A website represents a company or a brand, and an unattractive website makes it difficult for a visitor to read the content even if the quality of the content is good. It’s easier to create a beautiful site with WordPress because it’s open source coding. Beginners can choose from thousands of free and premium websites. Changing the color schemes, layouts, and widgets take no time at all.      


With 3.9 billion mobile users and counting, it is crucial for a website to be mobile-friendly. The design of the site should be responsive regardless of what device consumers are using. A responsive website automatically configures itself to fit the device. The content must be easy to consume. The images must be high-resolution and compressed for faster site speed. The mobile website must contain minimal ads for the user’s ease of access.

Thousands of plugins

The functionality, usability, and security of the website can be improved with more than 50 thousand plugins. There is a plugin available for every need from the table of contents to contact forms.