Finnish airline giant Finnair announced that it will be forming a merger with global IT solutions provider IT to carry out operations pertaining to the transformation of the former’s technology infrastructure into the hybrid cloud platform.  As per the terms of the deal the Finnair Cloud Platform will be run by IBM to enable the integration of different commercial and operational services into a single environment. “The basic element (in the agreement) is our Data Centre services, which we want to consolidate into one environment and under one provider,” said Kari Saarikoski, CIO at Finnair. IBM will also be managing Finnair’s IT provider network. This will enable Finnair to make use of the cloud network which the airline used to use sparingly despite its positive disposition toward the Software-as-a-service model. This move by Finnair was prompted by the company’s need to strengthen its digital strategy and customer experience to keep up with the changing landscape of the competitive air market.

As part of the deal Finnair will also have access to IBM Watson Explorer capabilities which will enable agents to address customer needs more quickly and find intelligent, online self tools for employees to locate information, which will thereby improve employee productivity. Even though the financial terms of the deal were not disclosed by either company, it was mentioned that the deal was closed for a period of five years. Finnair which was recently recognized as one of the safest airlines in the world ferries over 10 million passengers annually with its primary route set between Europe and Asia. 

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