FREMONT, CA: Technavio’s research on electronic design automation (EDA) market, states that the global EDA market will grow at a CAGR of four percent by 2020.

The EDA companies that account for 80 percent of the total global EDA market are: Cadence Design Systems, Mentor Graphics, and Synopsys. America is predicted to be the major contributor with more than 45 percent of the market shares because of the presence of leading vendors, stable economy, favourable government policies, growing demand for consumer electronic devices, growing significance of the Internet of Things and the presence of leading semiconductor device manufacturers.

According to Technavio’s report, ‘Global Electronic Design Automation Market2016-2020’, the adoption of FinFET architecture as one of the primary growth factors for EDA market. The rising demand for smart devices and the evolution of new technology platforms such as the Internet of Things will compel chip manufacturers to migrate from planar FET designs to FinFET architecture designs. The rise in demand for high-performance and reliable semiconductors from industries such as automotive, engineering, power, and healthcare is said to be the second important reason behind the surge. The growing development and use of technology has resulted in the integration of billions of transistors on a particular chip called SoC (System on Chip). Also the demand for miniaturized electronic devices has grown in almost every sector. This trend has impelled semiconductor IC manufacturers to increase R&D expenditure in order to reduce the size while optimizing the performance of ICs. This has led to the emergence of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and 3D semiconductor devices.

“Manufacturers of smart electronics such as wireless communication equipment, ECG, smartphones, telemetry devices, and automotive body electronics have started integrating SoC technology into their products. In addition, with the emergence of system-in-package technology, mixed-signal SoC manufacturers are now able to integrate more functionality onto a single chip at a moderate price,” says Sunil Kumar Singh, Lead Analyst, Technavio. “The miniaturization of electronic devices will have a moderately high impact on the development of advanced production system for MEMS, 3D ICs, and fin-shaped field effect transistors or FinFETs, creating the need for electronic design automation to carry out the designing for the semiconductor devices,” adds Sunil.

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