ROUND ROCK, TX: A research made by Dell highlights the adoption of digital transformation by federal agencies with mobility and big data as the most important technologies to their organizations.

According to the survey, 97 percent agencies are preparing for the future with strategic IT plans to increase productivity by 85 percent and lower IT costs by 65 percent. The IT plans need to be scalable, agile, software-based environments for standard digital transformation.

With cloud computing throwing a significant impact on the IT, 91 percent of respondents claimed it to have biggest spending priority in 2016. Cloud and big data tops the list in terms of investment made by companies. 93 percent of the respondents consider mobility and converged infrastructure to be the most important elements of a future-ready organization.

"Federal agencies largely appreciate the value of digital transformation, considering cloud, mobility and big data important to their organizations. These technologies are positioned to revolutionize how government does business and interacts with its constituents. Digital transformation also demands agencies modernize their IT systems. With IT plans defined by incremental steps toward modernization and flexible software-based solutions, agencies are equipped to support tomorrow’s technology innovation and meet today’s mission goals,” says Steve Harris, Vice President and General Manager, Dell EMC Federal.