An LMS (Learning Management System) is an integral training platform that is aimed at reducing the unwanted incidents that may occur at a workplace; therefore procuring one becomes a tough task. Traditional procurement model included reading industry reports and then opting for the best learning platform with all the features and the one that offers a discount, but soon that process led to disappointment when enterprises ended up with an LMS that stopped meeting their needs after a few months.

How can businesses stop making such mistakes and opt for a platform that will help them support compliance?

• Choose amid: In-house or third-party content?

Most of the organizations have company-specific compliance requirements that include internal processes or site-specific safety measures; much of the compliance requirements won’t be unique. Therefore, organizations prefer third-party content catalogs to access compliance training as it is cost-effective and is not the same content that exists already. So this entirely depends upon the organization that whether they would prefer in-house, third-party content on their LMS, or a combination of both.

• Comprehensive Reporting: It is mandatory to share reports and analyze data when one is using their platform for compliance. All these platforms contain crucial evidence of course completions, training activity, certifications, and assessment scores. Therefore, one must ensure that whichever LMS they opt, it should have either excellent in-built reporting, analytics functionality or they must have the ability to use plugins to generate the reports they need. 

• Choose the Right Features: An LMS with an abundance of features are always luring, but it is essential to be aware that things can change quickly. The smartest way to procure learning technology in this era is to plan for uncertainty. A flexible and open solution will provide one with potentials to adapt fast and keep up with the compliance rules and regulations in an organization, industry, and market.

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