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EQHO Globalization and Digital Divide Data forge union with New Multilingual DTP Partnership

By ESoutlook | Monday, June 08, 2015


Singapore based International Communications Specialist EQHO Globalization announced that it will be partnering with US based social enterprise Digital Divide Data (DDD). This partnership will involve a Multilingual Desktop publishing which incorporates the technical localization competencies of EQHO with DDD’s unique skill set and business model. This Project is aimed at Vientiane, Laos where the youth will be provided with the opportunity to attend university as part of a work study programme. DDD which is responsible for increasing the annual earnings of the youth in Cambodia and Kenya up to $300 million since 2001 now intends to bring its battle tested social model to Laos.

EQHO which has already established itself in Laos will be playing an instrumental role in this project by providing the necessary technical and non technical resources necessary execute the programme which will be providing a bright new future for the youth in Laos. EQHO has aligned itself with various non profit organizations in the region including Translators without Borders and the Media Alliance. “We are very excited to provide desktop publishing services that power EQHO Globalization’s business. Our organizations both share a deep commitment to the people of the ASEAN region—and we see that reflected in our relationship,” said DDD’s CEO Jeremy Hockenstein on the partnership.     

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