California based customer care and receivables management giant EOS USA announced that it will be expanding its operations to Somerset Ky. The company’s flagship location will house a 20,000 square foot facility which will serve as the centre for first party outsourcing business. While this project is set to get underway later this year, current operations in this sector are based in Norwell MA. Once opened the facility will house several new employees, the compliment of whom lies in the hundreds according to a company spokesperson.

“EOS USA is excited to expand its operations in Kentucky. The combination of geographic location and available workforce is an ideal fit for the growth plan of our company and for meeting the needs of our customers,” says Paul Leary, President and CEO of EOS USA. The company currently possesses an operational compliment of 1000 employees, 11 offices in the US and India and an affiliated company in Canada according to the report by ACA International, of which EOS is a member.