LiteLink Technologies aims at developing products constructing a world of transparency, trust, scalability, and automation that in turn increases productivity and management of human capital. LiteLink provides enterprise-level solutions using predictive and artificial intelligence to resolve the divisive and outdated technological problem of the logistics industry. 

The mission of LiteLink 1SHIFT is to provide a solution which prevents shipments from being micromanaged and to build a relaxed and transparent environment. 1Shift is a solution that enables transparency and tracking in real-time and peers feedback and regulation from end to end logistics management. One niche blockchain technology firm recently acquired by LiteLink Technologies, LiteLink Labs Inc., is in the final phase of its development.

LiteLink Technologies Inc, a leading provider of Logistics technology and artificial intelligence, has released its alpha version of a 1SHIFT Logistics platform. LiteLink combines a broad industry experience in logistics with leading-edge technologies to create a shipper's ecosystem and to produce a reduced effort, lower cost, and higher predictability for third-party logistics companies and trucking companies. The platform provides greater control of the trip, from optimized routing and tracking transparency, to proactive problem management, to avoid time-consuming disputes and delayed delivery. 1SHIFT enables customers to conduct their negotiations with insight through the provision of key historical information, partner ratings and current market factors relevant to informed price choices, in real time. It enables the customers to access a trusted network of logistics partner’s at the most affordable rates and to ensure that all loads always are covered.

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The 1SHIFT tests provide a shipper with the core ability to select from a preferred group of carriers and follow the shipment through to its successful delivery. To limit communication with the shipper and help to mitigate all obstacles in time to their delivery, a trucker will give traveling status and flag all problems through a mobile phone. Related workflow and transactions are tracked through a distributed ledger to record the shipment's details, automate documentation, and trust in the issuance of payments. 1SHIFT uses advanced algorithm fingerprint technology to improve safety, enhance the user experience, and enable one-touch verification of KYC. 1Shift allows users to take strategic and tactical decisions on the basis of precise, real-time data to keep up with the competition.