The applications, services, and data contained in a data center, which makes a company a focus and essential asset for everyday business usually are very dependent. No single data center is required, and modern companies can use two or more data centers installed at multiple sites to improve resiliently and application performance and thus, to reduce latency by finding more user-friendly workloads.

Conversely, a business with multiple data centers can decide to consolidate data centers to reduce the number of sites so that the costs of IT operations are minimized. Consolidation typically occurs when the majority business does not require data centers owned by the subordinate business in the course of fusions and acquisitions.

STACK INFRASTRUCTURE is a leading global data center company designed to meet the entire stack of critical infrastructure needs of its customers both today and future. Today, in six markets: Atlanta, Georgia; Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas; northern Virginia, Portland, Oregon; and Silicon Valley, California, the company supplies an extensive range of wholesale co-location, suit-to-suit, and powered coat solutions. The company provides the scale and geographic reach that rapidly expanding companies, and hyperscale companies need with an unparalleled existing and flexible expansion capacity in the leading available regions.

STACK recently confirmed that Matt Vander Zanden would be appointed as its chief strategic officer. Vander Zanden will lead STACK development and location strategy focusing on product development, location selection, and strategic partnerships.

VanderZanden says, “I am confident that we will deliver superior products that will provide custom, scalable solutions for our enterprise and hyperscale clients.”

Vander Zanden is the latest addition of proven data center experts and technology industry experts to STACK’s team. He brings deep insights as a former data center executive who has expanded the worldwide data center footprint of Facebook for most of the past decade. Vander Zanden, as the director of data center site selection, has developed Facebook's global strategy for data center location and understands the complexities and interrelationships of data centers and critical infrastructure development, government relations, incentives, and location strategy. Prior to joining Facebook, VanderZanden practiced in Paul Hastings real estate law.

STACK is committed to being the leader in the data center industry in the construction and delivery of flexible, critical infrastructure solutions that meet and support complex business and hyperscale deployment requirements. The company offers hyperscale campuses and suitable data centers ('HYPER STACK TM'), wholesale colocation and private data suites ('READY STACK TM'), and powered shell options ('POWER STACK TM') immediately available.