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Effective Measures to Prevent Network Downtime

By ESOutlook | Monday, April 15, 2019


Network downtime is one of the most common and critical challenges faced by IT professionals. The success of an enterprise is proportional to the operational uptime of the business network. Despite the use of Network Performance Monitors (NPM), network testing tools and various other computerized routines to keep a check on the regular functioning of the business network, network failures cannot be eliminated. However, understanding the causes of the network downtime can help businesses to prevent frequent and prolonged network downtime. Here are a few preventive measures to avoid network downtime that guard the organization against the critical network issues. 

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• Ensuring hardware and software compliance

As the network capacity is upgraded, it is essential for the network management team to make sure that the existing network infrastructure can balance the new network capabilities. There is a quintessential need for the enterprise to replace old and outdated hardware and software components of the business ecosystem with new and compatible ones in order to avoid compliance issues which result in network breakdown. 

• Eliminating disused devices

Massive and complex networks can further complicate both the operation and management of the system. Too many devices in the network lead to overlapped utilization of the bandwidth. Multiple network components may also raise traffic congestion challenges, which reduces the network’s functioning speed and causes downtime. Network management tools help in identifying the less or disused devices and removing them from the system, thereby, freeing the network space helps in efficient resource and bandwidth allocation.     

• Reconfiguring the routing mechanism

Routing is one of the fundamental processes, which contribute to the successful network operation. As the data packets are routed from one node to another to transmit information from the sender to the receiver, routing paths need to be configured, such that the network infrastructure is informed about the downed nodes and damaged links. Hence, intelligent reconfiguration of the routing paths helps in increasing network uptime.  

Network failures are unpredictable as long as the enterprise fails to understand and influence the causes to prevent them. A clear idea of what leads to network incapability helps in minimizing or preventing network downtime.     

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