Cloud Container startup Docker stepped up into the big leagues as it bagged a $95 million investment deal.  The San Francisco based company bagged this funding through an initiative led by Insight Venture Partners in conjunction with Coatue Management, Goldman Sachs, and Northern trust along with the company’s previous investors in a series D funding to help keep the company private. This funding puts the startup in a comfortable financial position with a total investment in this part of the venture of $150 million which was preceded by a Series C funding of $40 million. This provides the platform for this start up to take its business to the next level by eradicating all possible scenarios that could lead to the company being turned to the public market. According to the report on Docker’s website, the funding is just a preparatory measure for the future and that it is not in any state of financial crisis to receive a D round funding which in most cases is only done when a company undergoes a period of financial struggle and is being sold to the public market.

The company that was valued at $400 million in its previous round of funding. Currently it is expected to cross the $1 billion mark in the market according to a source that reported in Fortune magazine. The company specializes in Cloud Container technology, a more efficient virtualization process for Data Centre operations. This technology has made Data processing much more cost effective and less time consuming than the older virtualization technology according to the Fortune report. And the free downloading of the application and services makes the company even more desirable amongst developers making use of Cloud container services.

Having gained a fair amount of popularity in the market today, Docker recently launched a paid version of its product which is still in its testing phase with a few companies already using the service. The company is now focused on developing new technology and growing into the market, by capitalizing on the successful start it has made this year. Docker’s CEO Ben Golub has high hopes for the company future, and he had this to say on the company’s current plans for this year “Certainly for this year [investors] are more concerned with broad-based adoption than heavy monetization”.