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Digitalizing Talent Hunt, Key to Intelligent Hiring

By ESOutlook | Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Finding employees who complement the workplace and justify their roles, can get a lot easier if companies mix tech tools with a personal approach. 

FREMONT, CA: Job search and recruitment processes have been modernized in the recent technological revolution. Traditional methods of looking up for job listings have given way to job searches on online portals. Recruiters have shifted from manually assessing applications to automated scanning processes. With so much happening on this front, it is only natural that businesses end up confused about their recruitment strategies.

Optimizing recruitment policies is essential because selecting the right candidate can work wonders for a company, and picking a wrong one can lead to losses and liabilities. A company should first look to understand their own needs. Objectively determining a selection process and technical tools on that basis is beneficial.

Candidate experience is increasingly becoming a talking point as a talent shortage is growing prominent. The demand for skillful employees is high, whereas the supply is low. Unless a company's recruitment process caters to the sensibilities of a candidate, it will create a negative impression in the candidates' mind. To ensure a good experience, companies can go for a mixed approach that takes assistance from technologies but ensures the involvement of Human Resource personnel in the selection process. Innovative and scientific testing procedures are efficient and can help filter candidates, but the HR department should retain the power to make the final selection.

Technology plays a definitive role in reaching out to the candidates. For companies, it is essential that they utilize all possible channels to reach put to prospective talents. Although the channels are many in today's connected world, strategies are necessary so that companies don't miss out on talent. Advertising and targeting through the right tools can help generate the attention of candidates even if they are engaged in another job.

By harnessing the power of technology and human touch, companies can create a perfectly balanced hiring environment. Data based decision making is the best but ensuring that a hire will align well with the company culture is also essential. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, along with the expertise of an HR executive can result in an integrated and effective recruitment process where employees can perform well in the long term.

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