The advancement in the fields of digital marketing and artificial intelligence (AI) is groundbreaking. AI is the ability of a computer or computer-enabled robotic system to gather, curate, process, and analyze vast amounts of data. Therefore, AI is best suited for marketers to use it in digital marketing to comprehend large data to gain valuable consumer insights and improve their digital marketing strategies.

Digital marketing efforts get amplified with the help of AI. It helps marketers understand their target audience by analyzing massive amounts of data and predicting consumer behavior. AI improves customer experience by deciding the most applicable content based on the data collected on factors like trends, location, historical data, and past behavior. Furthermore, AI also increases productivity by automating various repetitive tasks and allowing human resources to focus on more critical functions.

Content Development and Curation

AI can draft a report based only on data. This can help attract visitors to the company website. Publication houses and media agencies have already implemented AI into their operations. Moreover, AI can help curate content. For example, Netflix uses AI to provide recommendations based on past viewing history.

Digital Advertising

Search engines and social media power players are using AI most successfully. These platforms analyze user data such as actions, interests, demographics, and alternative aspects and provide a record of the target audience for their brand.


People use voice-based virtual assistants for their searches. More than 20% of searches online are voice-based. Digital marketers must understand the shift and optimize their content according to voice search. The brands must optimize their website to provide a direct answer to questions beginning with who, where, what, when, why, and how.

Predictive Analysis

The predictive analysis uses statistical algorithms and machine learning to predict future conclusions based on past data. For example, predictive analysis is used in digital marketing in ranking prospects so that the sales team can focus on the leads that will convert. Predictive analysis helps in increasing sales and saving time and resources.


Brands are now using AI-powered chatbots to automate responses for customer queries. These bots use natural language processing and machine learning to find the right answer to the question. Chatbots are available round the clock, and they can respond politely even if the customer gets angry. They can also respond to multiple queries at a time.

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