If you are tired of waking up to an alarm and dragging yourself to work every day, and if long commutes and vending machine lunches annoy you, then it’s high time you found yourself a smarter and interesting way to make money. And, if you look forward to working from home or a place of your choice, then digital marketing is your best bet.

Digital marketing is an amalgamation of content and technology, revolving around all kinds of online actions that are designed to attract potential customers. These actions include clicking on a link, signing up for website subscriptions, or downloading a free product. Website digital marketing strategies majorly rely on social media, email marketing, content creation, analytics, website testing, search engine optimization (SEO), and affiliate marketing.

To start with digital marketing, a website is mandatory, which can be created using the prevalent options including Magento, WordPress, and Wix. The ones who perceive website creation as a challenging task can always seek a web development agency’s help. With the increasing popularity and usage of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, brands can use these social media platforms to attract free as well as paid social media traffic on their websites. Various engagement marketing platforms and tools available today include Woobox, Wyng, Pixel Retargeting, Sprout Social, and more.

While email marketing tools range from MailChimp and AWeber to ConvertKit and Emma boost digital marketing, testing ensures the effectiveness of a brand’s website. The minor changes that testing tools suggest can make a major difference with regard to the website’s revenue. For visual creation and robust targeting techniques, brands can resort to Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer, thus fine-tuning their offerings regularly, and in turn, achieving better results.

More importantly, websites must leverage smart tools like Keyword.io and Feedly for content creation and curation, which involves testing keywords and recognizing what people find more interesting. Furthermore, understanding the source of traffic can be of great benefit, which will also give SEO a major boost. A clear idea of what word and phrases attract the maximum traffic can help brands to devise their target strategies more productively. Analytics and SEO can also be of great value for websites involved in affiliate marketing.