The strives to adopt digital health tools into clinical practice has progressed significantly, and it translates to improving patient outcomes and cost savings.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare data technology company, Competitive Health rolls out its newest product  SHOW Benefits that streamlines the way healthcare is delivered by consolidating all medical and healthcare services onto one mobile platform. This benefits-focused virtual wallet offers a centralized location for current medical plan information, real-time deductible tracking, and more.  

Digital healthcare apps are the critical forerunners for transcending the condition of the medical and healthcare industry. The adoption of these tools holds great promise with evidence of them playing a positive inpatient outcome and cost of care. Competitive Health digital care solution provides real-time access to telehealth services, behavioral health, dermatology, spinal health, dental care, veterinary experts, and more. Its platform also offers its partners a savvy, user-friendly, and affordable way to educate, engage, and reward consumers for their behavior.

The company offers a full-service suite of ROI, maximizing tools for employers, associations, brokers, and health plans, while also amplifying the engagement, satisfaction, savings, and utilization for its members.  

Competitive health is a full-service healthcare marketplace, featuring a suite of ancillary products and virtual health services. It develops and delivers technology-driven consultative solutions that bring their customers a competitive edge, tangible returns, and a measurable increase in sales. The firm's direct agreements with the leading telehealth companies and retail clinics position Competitive Health to provide unlimited access and unprecedented savings to its clients and members. With this array of services, the company has now established itself as the preeminent supplier of healthcare network access with unique technology and fixed-cost strategies.

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