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Customizable Technology Solutions and Supply Chain Logistics

By ESOutlook | Monday, February 11, 2019


Supply chain process is going through a transitional period. The latest supply chain and logistics try to provide smart and technology-driven management to increase efficiency at a lower operating expense. Eclipse IA is a leading provider of staffing solution, and it has signed a merger with On Time Staffing.

On Time Staffing offers companies with temporary staffing and Onsite services. The talent acquisition team of On Time Staffing keeps the flow of recruitment continuous. The recruiting process enables its customers to have strong and best-qualified workers. The enactment of local support to the onsite is an important feature of this company. Warehouse, packaging, and manufacturing are the three crucial areas where it works. On Time Staffing deploys onboarding program which addresses the demands of the client company and enables the associates to understand the details and expectation of their role.

On Time Staffing's merger with Eclipse IA is aimed to fulfill the need of specialized outsourced people logistics solutions. This merger will be immensely helpful to the North American supply chain. LaSalle Capital will be the owner of the merged company. LaSalle Capital enjoys a partnership with almost 40 companies. The investment team of the company is immensely interested in small and medium business. Under this merger, both On Time Staffing and Eclipse IA will be using their respective headquarters. This merger will bring together Eclipse IA’s supply chain expertise and On Time Staffing’s vendor management system and will help to solve more than 1.5 billion cases.

Eclipse IA combines management resources with a motivated and engaged workforce which they call industrial athletes. The solutions by Eclipse IA truly address the changing market as well as the increasing demands of e-Commerce. Eclipse IA's Customizable Technology Solutions is an integral part of its service. This technology helps in the safe and accurate unloading of the product. Eclipse has the ability to track KPI information to ensure the smooth running of customers’ operation. Eclipse believes in Team-Based Pay. This partnership is going to be helpful to both of the companies. Eclipse’s merger with On Time Staffing will enable it to enjoy a leap in supply chain logistics technology.

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