When outsourcing your company’s customer care, you cannot completely rely on an unwritten set of rules or assumptions. Considering the rules and regulations, the formal Statement of Work (SOW) comes into action. To build an effective contact center SOW, the below points are to be considered.

The initial point of SOW is a summary of the project. This can be accompanied by a clear categorization of roles within the project. The customer must know about the administration team, the primary point of contact, and the authorized person who make the changes in the agreement.

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Clearly defining the critical success measures in the SOW is important in an organization. In order to meet these targets, the customer support partner must focus on their time and resources. Aiming at the right targets is necessary here.

Establishing strong parameters around forecasting is the next important factor in SOW.  Accurate forecasts notify the policy around staffing, allocation of skills, human resources, and the strategy around deploying channels and AI. The SOW should set the responsibilities connected with collecting historical data and planning future volume. In addition, the SOW should establish emergency processes for circumstances when contact volume exceeds forecasts.

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Reporting and analytics are necessary for creating a system of constant growth. The SOW will explain exactly what and how frequently metrics are to be reported and investigated. However, in a real strategic partnership, businesses would want to go beyond a responsibility to provide operational data to assigning responsibility for delivering insights and guidance on important strategic initiatives. Making time to review how the data relates to the customer experience and customer journey on a regular basis will be necessary.

Adjusting and realigning the contact center SOW is necessary. Building the contact center SOW builds relationship and shifts it into a contract. The approach of developing SOW can make the variation between a long-term, mutually beneficial strategic partnership.