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Constantia Flexibles Unveils New Packaging Solution 'Flexible Blister'

By ESOutlook | Tuesday, March 05, 2019


Being the world’s fourth largest producer of flexible packaging for pharmaceuticals and consumer products — Constantia Flexibles— has unveiled a Flexible Blister packaging solution tailored with a pre-eminence on portability and customer convenience.  The new solution retains similar barrier protections provided by traditional blister packaging, while with a completely flexible film on both sides.

Flexible Blister is suitable for oral dosage pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, and personal care pills and also is a viable option for both over-the-counter and prescription medicines. This packaging solution can accommodate various specifications, tablet sizes, and shapes, as well as incorporate anti-counterfeiting measures just like traditional blister packaging solutions. It features a conventional and convenient push-through opening, which is common in standard blister packaging.

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Director of Sales & Service at Constantia Flexibles, Frederick Lutz stated, “The ergonomically advanced design of the Flexible Blister packages presents a multitude of advantages including portability, durability, and accessibility. The result is a packaging solution that annex increased customer convenience without compromising on product protection."

The packaging's ease of use is further emphasized by the application of affixing customer information or printing it directly on to the strip packaging that can eliminate the need for consumers to carry a secondary cardboard carton when traveling.

For manufacturers, Flexible Blister is a “drop-in” technology, which requires no changes to existing production equipment, as it is capable of getting incorporated into existing strip-pack lines. The advantages of this solution can be as listed below:

• Child resistant and senior friendly
• Innovative push-through opening
•Adaptable to specifications like tablet sizes and shapes
•High barrier properties and water resistant
• For on the go use, Pocket and bag friendly
•Information pamphlet included in primary packaging
•Anti-counterfeiting solutions can be included 

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