SANTA CLARA, CA: Collinear Networks partners with Lockheed Martin to commercialize wireless transmission technology with innovative Free Space Optical (FSO) and Radio Frequency (RF) technologies. The two companies will work to promote hybrid point-to-point wireless transmission product to enhance the capability of telecommunications network providers.

The collaboration will amalgamate Collinear’s network technology with hybrid solution of Lockheed to buttress the storage capability of telecom operators.  The network intelligence with an integrated switch supports transition to new architectures such as 5G and other software defined networks (SDN).

The new offering incorporates a feasible way for deploying this technology into an existing network infrastructure. It further increases the cost-efficiency and mitigates use of expensive fiber for deploying wireless connection.

"Today is a great day for Collinear. We have announced to the public our collaboration with Lockheed Martin after 30 months of dedicated work. We look forward to bringing our products into the market to meet the growing needs of our customers by providing them the optimal choice of capacity over a distance that matters to them," says Dana Waldman, Collinear's newly named Chief Executive Officer.