FREMONT, CA: Moffitt Cancer Center in the United States announces leveraging Ciena’s packet optical technology to enhance and better collaboration between the staff including the researchers, physicians and clinicians of the cancer center.

The Ciena network supports data intensive applications such as advanced medical imaging, electronic health records and molecular medicine and aims to improve efficiency and reduce costs related with accommodating multiple diverse networks.

Ciena’s new technology provides staff access to the patients updated Electronic Health Records (EHR) and collaborate with the various cancer research work being conducted.

Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, equipped with WaveLogic 3 Nano coherent optics, was deployed by Moffitt to provide high-capacity interconnectivity between Moffitt’s various remote locations and two data centers through dark fiber provided by FiberLight. The platform also delivers support for multiple services, future demands, and a variety of high-capacity applications.  This reduced Mofitt’s monthly recurring per-circuit charges.

Ciena’s unified network management system enables efficient use of critical network assets and bandwidth optimization allowing the cancer center to gain total control and visualization of the network. Ciena is also providing Specialist Services, including implementation, project management and access to 24x7 technical support and resources.

In 2015, Moffitt Cancer Center served nearly 350,000 outpatient visits and employs more than 5,000 people. This expansive network connects five remote locations and covers approximately 50 miles in distance.

“Advances in eHealth initiatives can help advance key research efforts and improve patient care, but existing healthcare infrastructures are often ill-suited to support these priorities, which require significant amounts of bandwidth. With this new network Moffitt Cancer Center will have reliable and robust connectivity – that is both less costly and complex – to facilitate the important work being done at their center,” says Jason Phipps, General Manager and Vice President of North America Field Organization, Ciena.