The Certara Global Health (CGH), a recently launched healthcare practice by Certara, a leader in drug development, is in the market. CGH is aimed at tackling the most crucial concerns in the sector to bridge the equity gap in the worldwide healthcare industry.

FREMONT, CA: The past several decades have witnessed an exponential increase in the U.S. population and subsequent diversity. As this diversification is expected to continue in the imminent years, it is imperative to recognize and take steps to eliminate health disparities to close the equity gap in healthcare, which is still a matter of concern.

Certara Global Health, the recently launched healthcare practice from Certara, a leading provider of regulatory science, market access services, and model informed drug development is an attempt towards closing this equity gap. It is through CGH that the enterprise is planning to leverage its technological knowledge and in turn try to ensure that proper healthcare is accessible to all.

Despite on-going technical developments, the healthcare sector continues to throw challenges. For instance, the manufacturing of drugs is still a tough and expensive task in many ways besides funding and talent acquisition. Having a keen focus on these issues, Certara, through CGH plans to work closely with leading players in the healthcare sector, to develop impactful and innovative drug development, patient access approaches to deliver less expensive healthcare to the needy.

The CGH Advantage

The CGH approach is likely to include innovative quantitative medicine development methodologies including model-informed translational medicine, human infection models, toxicology and established pharmacometrics abilities to enhance drug development.

CGH, by leveraging the expertise of Certara, can bring in new approaches in regulatory sciences to facilitate a much-improved decision-making process along with accelerating the regulatory review.

Also through CGH, the extensive knowledge at Certara on real-world evidence, early treatment approaches, new epidemiological models and similar aspects can be utilized to give more and more people access to medicines, infection surveillance, health literacy and clinical trial participation.

All in all, the CGH would be instrumental in strengthening Certara’s position in the healthcare sector by developing the latest and high-end software, technologies and processes in the healthcare sector to increase quality, enable optimal outcomes and best practices.