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CDI Corp, Acro Service and Mastech Inc unite to form IT Outsourcing Firm- Congruent Talent

By ESOutlook | Monday, August 10, 2015


CDI Corp (NYSE: CDI) has recently announced to aid an IT outsourcing company Congruent Talent with support from two other corporate firms. CDI Corp has planned to join forces with Acro Service Corp. (Acro) and Mastech Inc. (NYSE: MHH) and contribute to the capabilities of this newly found minority-owned company. CDI Corp has signed a memorandum of understanding with these two corporate firms to aid the IT outsourcing firm Congruent Talent which looks after providing US companies with technical and professional IT and engineering talent. CDI is said to own a 49 per cent interest in this IT outsourcing company.

The company is being founded to fulfil the recruitment needs of the leading enterprises. Congruent Talent aims to formulate and deliver efficient mechanism to meet the requirements for skilled talent in IT sector. The contribution to aid Congruent Talent from CDI will come in the form of managed service provider (MSP), vendor management systems (VMS) and operational support. Acro and Mastech will provide fulfilment capability. Acro Service Corp. and Mastech Inc. are certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

Scott J. Freidheim, CEO and President of CDI on forming Congruent Talent said, "Together, we are creating a minority-owned company that will, on day one, offer industry-leading staffing capabilities." He added, "We look forward to playing our part in supporting Congruent Talent."

Jonathan Jackson, CEO and President of Congruent commented, "In collaboration with our partners, Congruent Talent will be able to deliver on the most sophisticated and demanding client's requirements." He also added, "I am proud to be leading such a unique organization dedicated to enabling enterprise supplier diversity program objectives."



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