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Calibrating Healthcare Information Technology

By ESOutlook | Friday, December 14, 2018


Health Information Technology (HIT) is used for design, development, maintenance, and use of information systems for the healthcare industry. It is proven that automated healthcare systems will improve medical care, lower healthcare costs, increase efficiency, reduce errors and increase patient satisfaction.

The advantages of HIT includes:

• The ability to use data analytics and big data to manage population health management programs and deliver precision medicine.

• Facilitates health data sharing among academic researchers

•  Allows patients to obtain and use their own health data.

The below-listed tips will help in evaluating and decision making if an organization attempts to make HIT investment.

1. By capturing and analyzing data businesses can derive insights into individual cases and population management and develop better medicinal procedures. But injecting massive data into physician’s workflow may not yield any results. n. For data to be useful, it must be actionable and valuable.

2. The platform should be proven as technologically sound, effective and fully operational. 3. There must be service platforms to underpin integration and interoperability.

5. Identifying the right technology partner and building a partnershipare important steps. This relationship should be able to deliver mutual benefits for both investors and technology partners.

To choose and use HIT effectively an investor must be assiduous on the above-stated tactics.

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