LOS ANGELES, CA: Audyssey- an audio solution provider for the consumer electronics market- announces the launch of Audyssey eVR, an elegant, lightweight software solution enhancing far field voice recognition in consumer electronics products that rely on voice-based user interaction. A suite of audio technologies incorporated into consumer electronics products and services, Audyssey eVR enhances word recognition by more than 50 percent and also brings up the barge-in performance by more than 70 percent. Input voice quality forms the key enabler to this device with embedded microphones trained to hear and interpret voice commands from the user.

Consumer electronics manufacturers license Audyssey eVR to attain accurate and robust far field voice recognition in their products. The microphone is configured by engineers for every manufacturer, based on the functional requirements of the product, enabling manufacturers deliver the voice recognition performance in any listening environment.

“Far field performance has been the Achilles’ heel of voice recognition, and has up to now been a barrier to the proliferation of voice-controlled hardware in the IoT ecosystem,” said Chris Kyriakakis, Founder and CTO, Audyssey. “Audyssey eVR is the first complete far field solution that gives CE manufacturers an easy way to leapfrog their competitors by delivering unparalleled voice recognition performance.”