The contact center industry is enduring a significant technology-enabled transformation. Contact center’s function has been laid in the back-office and focused primarily on operational performance and cost reduction. Today modern contact center has a broader role as to provide greater customer experience, raise customer loyalty and increase the revenue of the company. The contact centers are a rich source of data, as records of customers contacts, call details, recordings of every call.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the technology landscape in the contact center as AI is able to access vast quantities of data. Following are some of the ways AI is changing the way of functions of the contact center.

Replacing IVR processes: An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a set of predefined rules that it follows in a deterministic manner. An example of this manner is transferring calls to the sales department. AI includes natural language processing and machine learning techniques that understand statements instead of simply giving users a set of choices. IVR provides predefined output from the predefined input which completely different with AI through probability calculations.

Capturing data from customer interactions: AI voice agents and chatbots are able to capture granular data from customer interactions. Those data then are fed into analytics engines to help in optimizing the contact center process. Moreover, AI tools as sentiment analysis are able in quickly spotting trends as anger or dissatisfaction of customers.

Big data management: Everyday contact centers accumulate a huge amount of customer data. In some cases, customers have to repeat their details for multiple occasions when calling in, or they receive unrelated offers from the company. These incidents grow dissatisfaction in the customers.  AI tools help to eliminate these types of redundancy by capturing, analyzing, cross-referencing, and sharing information across platforms and channels.

Prediction about customer behavior: AI accelerates the customer behavior identification process at a very early stage. The insights enable the advisors to handle the emerging customers’ demands and expectations early and effectively.

Communication via robots: Robots are considered as assets in contact centers as they are consistently reliable and available. They are specialized at interfacing self-service applications. Robots are also capable of searching for information in intelligent ways which helps in resolving queries quickly.

AI is enduring to replace humans in the industry of the contact center. At present, the contact centers are complimentary toward humans more but with all the advances AI’s virtual agents seamlessly augment human agent also.