Human Resource department of organizations across the world are witnessing significant changes thanks to the offerings of Artificial Intelligence. Beyond just merely automating tasks, AI is reshaping the way companies are managing their work and are making HR plans and is increasing productivity and employee engagement. Read on find out how AI can transform HR in 2019.

• Personalizing Employee Experience

Irrespective of the business or the size of the workforce it is, customizing employee experience is crucial. It helps in fostering greater engagement and makes the corporate environment positive and productive. When one is concerned about workplace productivity there is no one-size-that-fits-all approach; therefore, certain decisions like which software to use, processes, and devices that work for their unique needs must be the employee’s call. Further, AI in HR, businesses can now individualize the entire employee lifecycle, starting from the recruitment and onboarding process; the technology can also determine employee work patterns and state-of-mind.

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• Recruitment Procedure

A workforce is an essential part of an enterprise; therefore, recruitment becomes a subject of concern. With the help of AI technology, one can envision customized recruitment experiences which can match a company’s needs with the applicant’s expectations.  AI can help in simplifying and accelerating the initial screening processes through chatbots and virtual assistants, quickly going through the resumes, and selecting the right candidate.

• Training is Vital

Training is a crucial aspect of HR blueprint. It helps employees in developing new skill-sets and acquires cross-functional expertise while ensuring an excellent culture of learning. AI programs can assist in assessing an employee’s skills or the loopholes and build learning modules that are rich in content. One must support their companies with robust analytics- a dashboard for tracking and measurement, and training sessions which can be linked to a company’s goals and targets.